Understanding the Holy Spirit

Just the title of this Praiseletter triggers thoughts, emotions and a broad spectrum of doctrinal beliefs within this readership. Some may jump for joy as they anticipate a discussion of spiritual giftings, miraculous manifestations and what a “spirit-filled” life should look like. Others may begin to get a little nervous, fearing that we may embark on a discussion of some of the aforementioned topics.

Thus, I write this letter, most simple and yet profound in its implications as we consider just a couple key issues concerning the Holy Spirit and us.

How to Spend Time Before the Lord – Q&A with Dallas

What does it mean to spend time before the Lord? We know he’s omnipresent… so what does it meant to go before the Lord as if we need to go somewhere? I expand more on my thoughts on this in this video as well as share my own habits and experience.

Jesus Got A Hold of My Life – Stories Behind the Songs

Listen and watch Dallas Holm share the story behind the song, Jesus Got A Hold of My Life – a song that nearly didn’t make the cut. A live acoustic performance by Dallas Holm.